Our API is able to send messages to every phone number in Kenya, and almost any phone number in the world. Our pricing is based purely on your usage; there are no setup or monthly costs.

The price per message depends on the top up amount and the destination of the message (see table below).

Basic Plan
KES 0 - 19,999
Plus Plan
KES 20,000 - 99,999
Premium Plan
KES 100,000 - 399,999
Max Plan
KES 400,000+
Safaricom KES 0.8 KES 0.7 KES 0.6 KES 0.4
Airtel Kenya (Local Traffic) KES 0.8 KES 0.8 KES 0.7 KES 0.6
Airtel Kenya (International Traffic)* EUR 0.050
Other Kenyan Telcos KES 0.8 KES 0.8 KES 0.7 KES 0.6

*Please Note: Airtel identifies traffic as international when your sender Id represents a brand that terminates messages to more than one country. That means that if you are sending messages from Kenya to an Airtel subscriber in any other country, then that message will be identified as international.