API Platform for building SMS, Voice and USSD Applications in Africa
See how thousands of developers use our cloud-based solutions to make their applications more interactive
  • Simplified Interface to our Gateways for all users

    No downloads, manuals, contracts or equipment purchases required. Simply follow our tutorials and go live in minutes. Our current users range from multinational financial institutions to startups to budding developers.

  • No Hidden Charges, Pay as You Go

    You only pay for the standard usage charges when using our API. No monthly charges or hidden fees apply. In fact, the more you use, the less you pay!

  • Redundant, Fully Featured Setup

    We have spent a lot of time and effort building redundant connections to Mobile Service Providers in Africa, and have currently exposed the full set of features available to us in Kenya.

Premium Service Provider In Kenya
Plug your shortcodes, alphanumeric originators, premium or toll free phone numbers and USSD service codes into our API which is connected to all Mobile Service Providers in the country
  • Acquire And Monetize Premium Services

    Integrate easy to shortcodes and premium voice services into our API and take advantage of our robust interface that helps you decide how and when to bill your users. You can also use our ready-made SMS Management platforms to manage interactions on your shortcodes

  • Enhance your brand with Alphanumeric Originators

    Customize the address which your SMS is sent from by getting an Alphanumeric originator ID stamped on messages sent from your account.

  • Enhanced Interactivity with Affordable USSD Service Codes

    USSD service codes (such as *778#) greatly enhance the interactivity of your applications by providing custom menus based on user input. Take advantage of our affordable shared USSD Service Code (*384) and easy to use API to get started right away.

No Developer Resources? No Problem
Use our SMS communication management platforms to start interacting without writing a line of code
  • SMSLeopard.com

    SMSLeopard lets you manage your SMS communications in the same way that you would manage your emails. Upload your contacts, organize them into groups and integrates shortcodes and alphanumerics for your bulk messaging needs. Create your free account now on SMSLeopard.com. Also, contact us on info@smsvoices.com if you would like us to white-label this great product for your organization.

  • SMSVoices.com

    SMSVoices is a shortcode and keyword driven communication platform that helps you collect, organize and disseminate information using SMS. It comes with built in functionality for organizing contacts into groups, creating and sharing information on blogs as well as collecting information by conducting SMS polls and surveys. Create your free account now on SMSVoices.com

  • Still need help? Let us work with you.

    If you have a project and would like to engage one of our developers for guidance on how best to integrate our platform, do not hesitate to contact us on info@smsvoices.com